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Want More From DSS? Meet Jae

If you use a DSS outsourced IT solution and have ever wondered how else we could help you do business better, here’s someone you should talk to.

Meet Jae Hyun Lim. Jae’s just joined us as our first sales director and there’s a fair chance he’ll become known as our “would you like fries with that?” guy. His appointment is an investment in our relationships with customers, both incoming and established, and he’s dead keen to help users of our IT solutions suite tap into the advantages of DSS’ broader offering. Think executive assistants and accountancy, for example – areas where businesses of almost any kind can cost-effectively outsource back-office functions and free their own people to work more effectively.

Jae (it rhymes with ‘hay’) is, as you’ve probably guessed, Korean. He grew up in the United States, currently lives in the Philippines, speaks English, Korean and passable Tagalog, and comes with more than five years’ experience in the business process outsourcing sector.

We’re thrilled to have Jae on the team. His expertise in the outsourcing space will add muscle to a formal sales organisation and help us better service our growing customer list. Drop him a line and say hi any time.


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