DSS Virtual Assistants Are In Demand

What our Virtual Assistants can offer your business.

Here’s Why.

DSS’ virtual assistant services have always made sense for organisations looking for back office support without murdering the budget. In recent times, however, they’ve just taken off – and we think we know why.

The virtual assistant proposition hasn’t changed: remote personal assistants and administration specialists, dedicated to your business and provided by DSS via a single, low-fuss contract that leaves all the HR overheads with us.

What has changed, says the Evelyn Mills, the DSS client success director responsible for the service, is the demand. Post-Covid, businesses are looking to expand but they very often lack the capital to fund it. DSS virtual assistants fulfil crucial back office functions at around half the cost of the equivalent hire locally.

“It appears to be as simple as that,” Evelyn says. “In New Zealand and Australia, the geographies our virtual assistants primarily serve, there’s an appetite for adding resources without committing to high long-term costs. That plus the steady stream of referrals we’re getting from existing clients means we’ve more than doubled our team in the Philippines over the last year , and it looks like we’ll be adding more.”

What functions do virtual assistants perform? “Just about any back office process you can do remotely,” Evelyn says. “If you’re looking at recruitment, which a lot of clients need help with, our people do everything from sourcing and screening candidates to following them up, plus diary management, setting up conference calls and so on.”

One of the things that Evelyn says surprises new customers is the quality of the DSS team’s written and spoken English. “It’s consistently good,” she says. “And we train all of our virtual assistants in idiomatic English, so they’re familiar with, say, New Zealand expressions like crack on, gutted, knackered and carked it. We’ve got a central spreadsheet of those idioms and we add to it all the time.”

If you’re intrigued about what virtual assistants can offer your business, you’ll no doubt have plenty of questions. Check in with Evelyn for a no-obligation chat. She’s on LinkedIn.

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