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Discover the Power of OutSystems
with DSS

Combine the development expertise of DSS with a low-code software development platform that rises to the technical challenges of today, while supporting the powerful ideas that emerge as your business grows. We partner with OutSystems because of its enterprise security features, third-party integration, and support for the agile delivery for beautiful digital customer experiences.

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Why DSS is Your Trusted OutSystems-Certified Partner

DSS has an army of over 80 OutSystems–certified developers ready to support you at competitive rates.

From strategic planning to tactical deployment, we have a full suite of services you can leverage to gain a competitive edge.

Is your business growing? Workload too much to handle? We’ve got you covered. DSS can help you respond to growing client requests quickly and efficiently. We can handle your full project lifecycle delivery with additional post-go-live maintenance and support.

Free up your internal resources and use DSS for continuous maintenance and support. Leverage a team experienced in updating, enhancing, and integrating apps with third-party applications.

Tap into experienced strategists who have worked with top 100 FTSE clients. Their industry knowledge will help you to digitally transform your business. A DSS strategist can help you refine the customer journey, understand your customer attribution data, automate quality assurance, and build technical solutions that allow you to work better and faster.

Our knowledge process experts come with cross-industry experience and will help oversee your project from day one through to completion, acting as a liaison between you and your remote OutSystems development team to ensure satisfaction.

Supplement your existing team or use our full software delivery service to provide you with a full end-to-end solution. We have the expertise and resources to help you deliver.

Why OutSystems is
DSS’ Partner of Choice

OutSystems is the #1 low-code platform for building enterprise apps incredibly fast. Learn more
about how a low-code platform can help you achieve brilliant digital experience:

Rapid Development

Through its powerful yet easy-to-learn drag-and-drop functionality, OutSystems’ visually accessible environment is designed to build and deliver applications easier and faster.

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Reduced Costs

OutSystems’ rapid delivery ability can lower costs without compromising on quality.

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Wide-Integration Capabilities

Deliver better digital experiences through applications that integrate with a wide variety of platforms and allow you to develop your own connections and back-ends for limitless integration.

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Great UX

Through OutSystems’ variety of design features, developers are able to create a better UX for responsive and full-featured web and native mobile applications.

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Low-Code without Constraints

Our developers can extend low-code applications with custom code which allows open standards and future-proof development.

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High Security

OutSystems has 200 points of security built into its platform and has SOC 2 Level II, ISO 27001, and ISO 22301 certifications. Your data is safe with OutSystems.

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Strong Governance

Wide-scale programs require a low-code platform like OutSystems to support multiple teams with a large number of developers working on different applications.

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Massive Scalability

Delight millions of customers with OutSystems’ capability for enterprise speed, scale, and security as well as options for cloud and hybrid developments.

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DSS and OutSystems

Global Experience

Recruitment Web Application


A leading global security company.


The enhancement and maintenance of an existing recruitment web app.

The Project

System expansion to cater for multiple teams, process consolidation and more.


Enhanced processes and user experience.

Distribution Management System


A global beverages brand.


Upgrade and maintenance of a distribution management system.

The Project

The DSS team upgraded this web and mobile app to correct architectural errors that slowed performance. In addition, the team provides ongoing enhancements, maintenance and support.


Radically improved operational efficiency.

Credit Card Onboarding System


An Asian bank


End-to-end development of a credit card onboarding system.

The Project

Design and development of a web app to automate cumbersome spreadsheet-based manual processes.


Repetitive manual work was replaced by digital processes which in turn cut costs and improved the customer experience.

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