Cloud Engineering

Heading to the cloud but need a trusted partner to help you get there? DSS is your answer. Our skilled cloud professionals work with you from scoping and architecture through to development, testing and ongoing maintenance. We always have an eye on the big picture and we have a record of digital transformations that work commercially and at a technical level. Choose DSS for a strategically-driven, professional and cost-effective cloud transition.

Our Cloud Engineering Services

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Cloud Strategy and Architecture

Cloud computing is an obvious choice for increased efficiency at lower cost. The path to those benefits isn’t always so simple. We draw on vast experience with corporate IT environments to develop robust cloud strategies that take our customers to the next level.

Cloud Development and Integration

Let DSS’s seasoned developers create high performing cloud applications. We draw on a range of proven technology stacks to quickly and cost-effectively build cloud solutions that digitise workflows, cut costs and risks, and scale readily.

Cloud Migration

Migrate your data, email, and applications to the cloud in the smoothest way possible. Let DSS’ cloud professionals guide you every step of the way in managing the timescale, budget, and services, all while reducing downtime and disruption to your business operations.

Cloud Managed Services

Managing your mission-critical cloud systems can always become a handful. Let our IT experts take care of the operational overhead and leave your people free to focus on critical business.

Cloud Infrastructure & Engineering

Let DSS help you tap into highly flexible and scalable cloud computing and avoid the investment in expensive on-site infrastructure.

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Our Services

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DSS has a broad range of outsourcing solutions that cut costs, scale with you, and free your own staff to work on higher-value activities. Want to know more?

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