Application & Maintenance Support

If your business relies on websites or apps, you need Application and Maintenance Support from DSS. We tailor support services to your needs, packaging the ideal combination of skills with globally experienced leadership and world-class infrastructure to get the best out of your digital presence.

Application & Maintenance Support From DSS

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Corrective Software Maintenance

Prevent minor faults and errors from turning into major headaches. DSS’ experienced developers are well versed in rectifying coding or design issues to guarantee smooth software application performance.

Adaptive Software Maintenance

Are your apps up to speed with software dependencies and changes to the operating system, hardware and cloud storage? Our IT experts make it their mission to keep your software tuned to developments in your technology and business environments.

Software Optimisation

Keep your software application running to its full potential over the long haul. Let DSS update it with the latest features and enhancements, refine it for new user requirements, and prune functionality that is no longer effective.

Preventative Software Maintenance

Proactive support to head off small software challenges before they impact your business. Your DSS support team will keep a watchful eye on your software, applying modifications and updates to ensure stability over the long run.

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DSS: The Software Support Specialists

Personal Support

Trusted Support Services

DSS Application and Maintenance Support Services are trusted by leading insurance, security, consulting and development companies across the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.


Deep Experience

When you work with DSS, you’re partnering with a management team with more than 20 years of experience in delivering and maintaining software solutions for international businesses.

Lead Generation

Support the Way You Want It

Need help with shaping your support services? A specific combination of skills? A short-term contract, or perhaps unusual support hours? Talk to DSS; flexibility is our hallmark.

Our Services

DSS outsourced services solve a wide range of business challenges, from software support through to solution development, admin, digital marketing and more. Talk to us about how we can save you money and free your local teams to focus on strategic work.


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