Data Science

Direct Sourcing Solutions. Your Data Science partner.

Data Science Solutions

If you think the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning is out of reach of your business, think again. Data Science Solutions from DSS unlock the power of Big Data for organisations of all types and sizes.

Direct Sourcing Solutions Your Data Science partner

We combine data science expertise and cloud-based technologies to put data to work for financial organisations, consumer electronics brands, government agencies and more. We can do it for you. The starting point: your business, your data, your goals.


Our team looks deeply to find the patterns that matter within your data, and craft a data science solution that takes your business where it wants to go.

Unlock the Power of Data

Better insights. Better decisions.

Data Science Standardizing Data Icon

Standardising Data

We’re specialists at cleaning your data sources to eliminate inaccurate and corrupt data

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Predictive Analytics

We help you see the numbers and make decisions

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Machine Learning

Let us help you set up AI and automation in your company

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Data Visualisation

Bring your data to life using data visualisation

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Customer Observer

Ignite sales with DSS’ data science solution for high-volume retail

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