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Scottie B - A Well-Crafted Website And Efficient SEO Strategy Showcase An International Presence


For most businesses, a well-made website integrated with an effective SEO strategy works wonders. With this in mind, Dubai-based international DJ Scottie B approached DSS Asia for a website overhaul. The objective was to review and enhance his site in collaboration with him.

The team approached the task with an open mind, revamping the site’s design and overhauling the SEO tactics. The result was significant changes to the site’s design and structure, all completed in a timely manner. Scottie B was delighted with the outcome.





Services Provided:

A new and responsive website design and search engine optimization for onsite and technical functions.

Tech Stack:

PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, WordPress

What Our Client Says

The team tested the site’s functionality and audited the content, uncovering two critical points of improvement:

  1. The website wasn’t optimised for users, with problems in both design and responsiveness.
  2. There were issues with spam form submissions which affected data-gathering.

DSS started by assessing the website’s current state, a process that included exploring each page and ranking the content according to SEO guidelines. “They checked out my website to see any flaws, what could be better, and what could be changed,” Scottie B explained. “They just gave me a full breakdown of everything that needed to be done.”

Armed with this insight, the team moved on to enhance the website and upgrade the SEO tactics supporting it.

Working collaboratively in different countries and across time zones, the DSS team and Scottie B met project checkpoints and, finally, the deadline. Scottie B was impressed with the cost-efficiency of working with DSS and with how well the team met his brief.

“They brought everything to life that I wanted and it’s super quick, it’s super easy to use and it’s” he said. “In the future, I would love to have a chance to work with DSS again.”

They delivered what I can only say is definitely the best website I’ve ever had. It looked sleek, it looked modern, and it looked new.

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