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Here’s the Fastest Way to Hire and Onboard a Virtual Assistant

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  1. Ravi Vadher

    Thank you for this really insightful article, Camille! I enjoyed reading through it. 🙂

    Onboarding your newly hired virtual assistant as fast as possible is important in order to actually put their skills and knowledge to test and also to free your time from miscellaneous stuff and actually pursue what your business needs doing. But taking the time in making sure that they have settled seamlessly, understood their roles and responsibilities, and actually have a comprehensive process for how they should accomplish their task is important and more convenient in the long run. Plus, thorough employee onboarding has been proven to have increased employee retention by 45%.

    I also love this article. The detailed employee onboarding process in it that has become really helpful for us whenever we onboard another VA. I hope some of your readers will find this helpful the way we did. 🙂


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