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We’re an employee centric business – we believe that you are our most valuable asset and that if we make you our priority, you’ll make our clients your priority.

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What Makes Us Unique?

Work and Play Culture

Work and Play Culture

DSS takes its working culture seriously. This is why the company regularly holds fun activities and parties to recognise specific milestones, achievements, or just plainly to give short breaks and uphold a cheerful atmosphere.

Dynamic Work Environment

Dynamic Working Environment

Our cool office space gives our employees plenty of legroom and lots of opportunities to collaborate and bring together various ideas.

Competitive Packages

Competitive Packages

On top of basic benefits and compensation, promotions, leave credits, and paid holidays are offered, as well as comprehensive health and dental benefits including options for family members support.

Flexible Schedule

Flexible Schedule

Maintaining balanced working hours is critical in our company. With that, we work only on a Monday to Friday basis, with great working hours and options for a flexible work schedule.

Trainings and other Opportunities

Trainings and Other Opportunities

We take great pride on championing continuous growth and learning opportunities for our employees for them to become frontrunners in their chosen field.

If you’re energetic, ambitious and satisfied with only the highest professional standards, you’re in the right place. DSS Asia is a magnet for high achievers. We’re growing, we offer a great working environment and work-from-home options, and we have fun. We’re where you go if you want a flourishing career instead of just a job. Talk to DSS now.” 

– Bryan Lockyer, Chief Outsourcer

Bryan Lockyer

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