Business Process Management

Process mapping has always been essential to every business, ranging from small- and medium-sized enterprises to multinational corporations. As described by Process Street, it gives a team the "ability to oversee all parts of a process-- aids in identifying constraints, opportunities for improvement, and articulating approaches of implementing changes without disrupting day-to-day work”.

It’s not unusual for businesses to enter into partnerships nowadays, as business partnerships provide additional support may be it be in terms of resources, goods, or services. More than that, it can open the business to a wider market reach– possibly a market which was not originally in the company’s target.Successful business partnerships not only open more doors for a company to expand, but also enable them to uphold their core values and principles. Being able to identify what the customers or clients may need while being able to address the needs of its own workforce.

Business and advertising are two constants that require a dynamic and an always-changing approach. Recent events such as the World Cup is a testament to this. It proved how businesses should continually adapt its approach to the ever-changing digital consumer behavior.The World Cup showed how much digital consumer behavior has impacted the way businesses set goals. The month-long event also revealed major ways on elevating your brands. This includes being able to capture the spirit of the sporting event or any other event for that matter.

Perish the thought…but what would happen if I left the office tonight and never came back?The answer (I hope) would be nothing.Of course I’d like to think there’d be a lot of wailing and wringing of hands by distraught colleagues, but on a professional level absolutely nothing would change.Why? Because, like my colleagues, I follow a business process management (BPM) model – which, I know, sounds really, really dull but, believe me, ensures things happen exactly as they should.