Got questions about offshore remote staff? Kane’s your man

Got questions about offshore remote staff | Direct Sourcing Solutions with Kane Landers

If you’re considering hiring offshore remote staff to solve recruitment headaches, here’s a name to remember: Kane Landers. 

Wellington, New Zealand-based Kane recently joined DSS in the newly-established role of Director of Talent. His mission is to help our clients bridge a growing shortage of talent in their home markets by tapping the DSS outsourcing portfolio. 

Businesses, he says, have taken a fresh look at offshore recruitment over the last two years. “They’ve had to, in some cases, because the international students and the professional migrants they used to rely on have simply not been available. 

“At the same time, we’ve come to terms with working remotely ourselves. If there ever was a sense of stigma attached to remote working, it’s disappeared and demand for it is growing rapidly.” 

Chief Outsourcer Bryan Lockyer says Kane’s professional background as an IT recruiter, most recently as an in-house resourcing co-ordinator for a leading New Zealand professional services firm, gives him an intimate understanding of the needs of Australian and New Zealand companies.  

“What many of those companies have in common is the frustration of hiring skilled finance, IT and support staff from a talent pool that has been drained by Covid-19 lockdowns and the slow-down in immigration that accompanied them,” says Bryan. “Backed by our in-house recruitment team, Kane’s experience and expertise will help our customers tap into the vast resources made available by international outsourcing.” 

Want to learn more? You can reach Kane at [email protected].

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