Three top tips for outsourcing newbies 

Outsourcing tips

These days, the DSS team is talking to more and more organisations considering outsourcing for the first time, usually as a response to skills shortages in their home markets. These employers can be big or small and they come from different sectors, but they all have the same question: What do we need to know about outsourcing services before we start? 

Here are my top three tips for newbies: 


Know what you want

It could be a temporary uplift in efficiency, or long-term help to grow your business. It could be filling specialist IT jobs or other roles, or taking care of routine tasks that are bogging your current staff down. There is an outsourcing partner out there that can help you with any of these goals, but they’re all much more likely to be effective if you start the journey knowing where you want to go. 


Expect some things to be different 

Offshore outsourcing by definition involves different cultures and yes, you can expect sometimes quite subtle differences in how business is done. Things like the way people negotiate, handle conflict, manage time, deal with meetings, and respond to management.  

There can also be a slight discrepancies in seniority between some countries and your home market, which can be addressed by, for example, scaling roles up slightly. 

Your best approach: Work with your partner to understand what these differences might be and how best to create an environment that helps you get the outsourcing benefits you’re looking for. 


Treat outsourcing as a partnership, not just a service 

Outsourcing tends not to be at its most successful when it’s predicated on a “you need me, but I don’t need you” relationship. The best results come when employers start by first exploring their options, understanding the potential provider, and deciding if they actually like the people they’ll be working with. 

Putting everything on the table and talking regularly will ensure you get the best out of your outsourcing partner. At DSS, we encourage honest conversations from the outset because they help us shape our advice around the market for the specific skills you’re looking for, the talent we can acquire for you, and what it will cost. 

Got questions? Of course you do! Ping me any time at [email protected] 


By Kane Landers, Director of Talent 

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