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But it doesn’t need to be.

We’ve been on a bit of a marketing push here at DSS. Strategy refresh, digital campaigns, fresh content and, naturally, an elevator pitch.

One of my roles in this was to sharpen up and record on camera my short and sweet DSS pitch, and that exercise reminded me just how much events have shifted the market we operate in. I’m talking of course about events since January 2020, when Covid-19 introduced itself to the world. The border closures that followed put the brakes on the immigration of skilled workers that so many Australian and New Zealand employers had come to rely on. With remote working no longer a novelty, the talent pool drying up and wages rising sharply, organisations shifted to what is now called the hybrid model of working: some staff in-country and others offshore, some in the office, others working remotely, and still others doing a bit of both.

Thus outsourcing, once regarded by some as a tad exotic, became mainstream. Companies I wasn’t even aware of two years ago are now calling, always with the same question: How do we get started with outsourcing?

Many of these companies have considered DIY outsourcing. Why not form a company in the Philippines, do your own LinkedIn search, and contract directly?

The answer, and it is at the heart of my elevator pitch, is that outsourcing to a foreign jurisdiction comes with a degree of complexity that makes it unrealistic for anyone hiring less than 100 people.

Let me explain.

Establishing a company structure in the Philippines is a different experience from setting one up in New Zealand, Australia or Singapore. It can cost $50,000 and take three to six months. Then there are legal, ethical and sometimes quite practical considerations: Is your new company ready for an audit? Are your employment practices compliant? How secure is your IP?  Are your new contractors on the right side of the tax rules?  And how confident are you that they won’t move on after six months?

Outsourcing is DSS’ core offering and yes, we answer these and a host of other questions every day. We absorb that complexity and give our customers a simple, compliant and rapid hiring solution at a predictable price and without any of the fish hooks.

That, then, is what I said to the camera. Whatever the skillset you’re looking for, we’re the experts in hybrid working without the headaches. It’s our area of expertise, and we’d love to share that expertise with you. Buzz me; I’m done with the filming and I’m ready to talk.


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