How World Cup Ads Address Digital Consumer Behavior

How World Cup Ads Address Digital Consumer Behavior

Business and advertising are two constants that require a dynamic and an always-changing approach. Recent events such as the World Cup is a testament to this. It proved how businesses should continually adapt its approach to the ever-changing digital consumer behavior.

The World Cup showed how much digital consumer behavior has impacted the way businesses set goals. The month-long event also revealed major ways on elevating your brands. This includes being able to capture the spirit of the sporting event or any other event for that matter.

The world has undeniably gone digital, so are the pieces of information that become more accessible to anyone online . Estimates revealed twenty million years worth of information. This means that it would not be enough to go through every single one of them—and that is saying a lot!

Online platforms have provided businesses and individuals a more accessible and cheaper platform. However, this could discredit you as much as it can establish anything. Therefore, an understanding or an insight of your targets is not enough. Knowing how the market operates now in general could already tell you a lot about digital consumer behavior.

To understand this better, we summed up 4 different elements you need to understand in getting to know digital consumer behavior on a deeper level.

Lack of Attention

People easily get bored nowadays. For someone working on the business side of things, you will have to make up for this and extend your patience. Try to have a more in-depth look at your potential clients or customers. Really take the time to get to know them.

Most of the time, you just need something simple and concise to promote your business. British Airways embodied this with a social media post that revealed its hopes for England winning against Sweden. The post revealed a plane ticket that indicates England taking home Football from Moscow.

Emotional Play

As a business solutions provider, this is something you need to understand to get people to try your product. This generation spends the most on things that give them emotional value or some sort of validation. Adidas has opted for this approach revealing an ensemble cast for its World Cup campaign. This gave the idea of the brand’s exclusivity. Such approach would lead to an increase in preference of Adidas due to the number of public figures sporting the brand.

Social Media Dependency

It’s cheaper, bigger, and everyone uses it. Companies such as Coke is utilising the wide social media territory. The company took advantage of research findings that revealed more than 100,000 photos of the Coca-Cola ad appearing in Twitter from June until early July. The photos which were posted by fans and spectators revealed how prominent the logo of the company was displayed during the games.

Consumer Respect

Regardless of the size of your business, any material you put out there to advertise your business will eventually pop up. Anyone can see anything. From your concerned customers to someone on the other side of the globe. Digital consumer behavior changes in a way can easily impress or disturb people.

In an ad, Paddy Power showed a footage of a Russian polar bear being spray painted with the flag of England. This caused outrage and criticism with people calling out the company for involving the endangered animal. While some pointed out on how it could potentially be just computer-generated, the company still took responsibility and apologized. Paddy Power was revealed later to be funding projects supporting international research projects on polar bears.

Despite the good cause, the company still failed to deliver its message. They were not able to consider all possible responses to their campaign. This only shows how the impact of promoting efforts can trigger ethical values, beliefs, religion, and causes.

The Gist

Due to these complex and diverse elements, there’s still more work to be done. Thankfully, any business doesn’t have to spend thousands or millions in addressing client needs and hiring countless team members to fill up various positions. Outsourcing has allowed businesses to still be flexible and maximise their in-house functions while still being able to innovate and expand out of their usual capacities. Direct Sourcing Solutions can deliver this function and come up with top solutions at reasonable costs for your business.

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