The Need-To-Knows About Custom Software Development

The Need-To-Knows About Custom Software Development

Custom or “made-for-you” software is the answer when off-the-shelf packages fall short of highly specific business requirements. But there are misconceptions about it and there are also right and wrong ways to getting the best out of the development process.

DSS has years of experience in custom software development.

Here’s our shortlist of need-to-knows:

1. The 5 Custom Software Questions

Once you’ve opted for a custom solution, it’s time for the brief. We suggest starting with these five questions:

What outcome do you expect? Information? Sales? Clients?

Who will use this software? Your people or customers?

What’s the timeline for delivery?

What technology stack are you looking for?

What are the must-haves and the nice-to-have features?

Come to your initial meeting with your development team armed with answers to these questions and there’s every chance your project will start on the right footing.

2. It’s too slow and too expensive. Or is it?

Two questions arise in almost every early discussion we have about custom software development: How much will this cost us? And how long will it take?

These two concerns are highly dependent on one thing: the scope. The scope serves as the project foundation and specifies the objectives, specific requirements, expected results and other essential details. Getting this part right will help greatly in keeping the project on time and within a reasonable budget.

We know this from experience. Changes to the scope halfway through the project aren’t uncommon with clients new to custom software, and they often do mean that deadlines need to be extended and extra developers applied to the project.

3. Custom software is tedious to maintain, and I don’t know how to build on it.

Another two questions we commonly get: How do I keep my new software running like a well-oiled machine, and how do I build on it?

Just like off-the-shelf software, custom software needs to be maintained and updated. Maintaining it can be surprisingly straightforward, typically by working with your outsourced software development team, which will know the ins and outs of the solution.

The same thing applies to modifications and upgrades. Over time, they’re very likely as your business evolves. But they don’t have to be onerous. Since your custom software is made for you, it can be enhanced at will.

How We Do Custom Software Development: The DSS Trademark

We understand that commissioning custom software can be a big step and we’ve worked out how to make it easy and productive to partner with DSS for custom development.

A big part of the formula is experience. With numerous projects under our belts on behalf of clients from a wide range of sectors, we know what great software looks like under the hood. We know what questions to ask, what resources to apply to the job, and where the minefields lie. We collaborate actively with clients, and we give our developers the knowledge and software they need.

Got questions about customising software for your organisation? Let’s chat about your business’ future today.

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