The Big Surprise? The Money, Of Course


What’s the biggest surprise for users of DSS’ Cloud Services? For most of them, it’s the money they save.

Cloud Services are one of them more recent additions to our IT Support Services portfolio, but they’re amongst the fastest-growing. That’s because cloud computing, while compelling for many reasons, can be taxing for in-house IT teams if they lack the specialist skills and after-hours staffing the cloud can require.

Clients tap our Cloud Services offering because we have architectural and hands-on skills for the AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Tencent Cloud platforms, and because we have the round-the-clock resources to sort out your cloud should it need attention at two o’clock on a Sunday morning. The eye-opener for most of those clients, though, is the cost savings the DSS team uncovers.

Here’s why. For nearly all of our clients, a meaningful chunk of those monthly bills they get for cloud server time and storage is unnecessary. Do you still need that development server you stood up for a new app last year? Should you be paying 24/7 for a CRM server that is only ever used in business hours? Almost always the answer is no.

The DSS team is skilled at lifting the covers on your cloud usage, spotting the wastage, and switching off the unnecessary servers. It takes skill and a bit of time, but it’s always worth it. One client saved $45,000 the first month we did this; when we extended the exercise we found a further $35,000 the next month. And the savings, of course, are recurring.

It’s a case of not knowing what is under the hood until you have a good look. When we do that for clients, they are invariably surprised by just how much they save. Can we do the same for you? If you use cloud computing, yes, absolutely. Give us a call and ask us how we can surprise you too.

Bryan Lockyer

Chief Outsourcerer

[email protected]

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