The Best Software Testing Challenges Are the Ones That Never Arise

The Best Software Testing Challenges Are the Ones That Never Arise

Software development is complex. When you add to that complexity the ubiquity of human error, it’s no surprise that development teams run into challenges with software testing. 

At DSS, we figure the best software testing problems are the ones you don’t experience at all. Accordingly, we follow methodologies designed to eliminate errors rather than fix them. Here are the three challenges we see most commonly, and how we recommend addressing them: 


1. Lack of Communication 

Even if you have a software tester on the project, things can still go wrong. Every tester will differ in their product knowledge and ability to think logically, leading to differences in how they work.  

The answer: communication. Business requirements, project goals and testing goals should all be made clear from the beginning of the project. Before a project or development phase begins, the entire team must be completely aware of the objectives. This will help the team identify errors early, save time and money and ensure the quality of the software application. 


2. Not Having a Standard Process 

lack of alignment can lead to huge amounts of time wasted on addressing issues. That’s why DSS development teams all follow the same development and testing processesA process will set and define the goals of the project, reducing the misunderstandings often encountered by teams distributed across different time zones. 

The right procedure is also one way to ensure that testing is done correctly. Following the right process will help software QA testers and developers stay on the same page and give testing teams an effective way to catch bugs on time.  


3. Insufficient Resources 

It doesn’t matter how skilled your testers are, without the right tools to prevent and mitigate risks, the number of tests they can execute will be limited. It’s worth thinking at the outset about what resources your QA team needs to get the job done promptly.   

Also, consider how many testers are required for the project. A ratio of one QA tester to every three developers is recommendedCut back on complete testing and you put the software’s functionality and deployment at risk, especially if you’re testing complex or multiple software projects at once.  


Overcoming the Challenges 

Overcoming these challenges requires effort. Learn about the different types of software testing and form a team with a range of QA testing expertise such as automated and manual testing. Get those components right and you’ll lower risks and improve your software testing and development cycle. 


Find the Right Software QA Tester At DSS! 

DSS understands software testing. We have a team of testers with broad skills and experience; let us help you find the right expertise for your project and get on the path to high-quality software products. Contact us today! 

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