Here’s the Simplest Way to Scale Your Business Without Hiring

Simplest Way to Scale Your Business Without Hiring

Are you ready to scale your business?

Many entrepreneurs struggle to grow their business because they focus on the wrong things. Instead of working ON their business, they work IN it.

Sure, there are tasks that need to get done inside your business, and you want to ensure that everything’s done right down to the tiniest detail. But here’s the rub, if you tend to focus your energy on these non-core time-consuming tasks rather than performing the crucial activities which can propel your business to the next level, your business is doomed to stagnate. FOREVER.

Grasp the importance of this idea, and determine the key areas where you need to maintain your laser focus. Once you’ve done this, the next logical move is to get someone who can accomplish the other tasks that you’ve decided to remove from your plate.

However, if you are not yet ready to hire a full-time employee or are simply uninterested in doing so because of the “headaches” that come with it (e.g., recruitment process, payroll, providing benefits, training, workplace and equipment, and supervision/ quality control), there is another way to scale your business—it’s through outsourcing.

The Advantages of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is nothing new. For decades, this business strategy has been implemented to help business leaders focus on what really matters. Below are the main advantages of outsourcing:

  • Help you save more time.
    Outsourcing can help you free up your schedule to spend more time on the key activities that can grow your business. Depending on the nature of your business, there are surely a number of tasks that you can hand over to your remote staff. Why would you spend your day working on the $15 an hour job if you could work on building your business into a multi-million dollar empire?
  • Gain access to a larger talent pool.
    As long as a professional can connect to the internet, he can be hired by a company halfway across the globe to do certain tasks that he is an expert at. One great thing about outsourcing is that you’re not limiting your business to local talents; thereby also allowing duties to be accomplished during work hours in a different time zone.
  • You will enjoy reduced costs.
    When you outsource to a company located in a country where the pay is lower, you could save a lot. For instance, getting a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines costs a third compared to the costs of hiring one in the United States. Additionally, you wouldn’t have to purchase a new computer and other office equipment, as well as rent a bigger office because your new employees wouldn’t be physically present.
  • Allows you to access more advanced technology.
    This advantage goes together with access to more specialized professionals. For instance, if you outsource to a graphic designer, it would also be like gaining access to a graphics tablet and other design software during the process.


Step Up Your Business Strategy

If you’re determined to grow your business, you need to think big and take bold actions. Thinking big doesn’t simply mean daydreaming. It should also involve thinking strategically how you could transform your $1 million business into a $100 million company.

Of course, you shouldn’t just sit there and think about your strategy and goals—you also need to act bold and be ready to take an approach that works although it is something that you haven’t tried before! After all, you wouldn’t know what you can achieve until you try for yourself.

By deciding to outsource your time-consuming ancillary functions, you make it possible to scale up your business at a fraction of the regular cost. Although outsourcing is not a magic pill that can make your results skyrocket in an instant, working with the right service provider can make a huge difference.

At Direct Sourcing Solutions, we can provide reliable software developers, Virtual Assistants, accountants, HR staff, digital marketers, and other professionals to help you gain a competitive advantage.

What makes our approach different is that we provide metrics-driven technology-enabled services tailored specifically to your unique business needs and fully manage your outsourced teams; thereby ensuring consistent high-quality work.

Contact DSS today and see Outsourcing Done Beautifully!

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