Lead generation with market intelligence. Synergistic!

Lead generation with market intelligence

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any sales cycle and the foundation of a successful business. Leads can be generated passively by through signage, print or digital advertising targeting walk-in traffic or visually striking “Calls to action” driving website leads. Lead generation can also be an active (and proactive) process of list building, lead qualification, and appointment setting.

Regardless of whether lead generation is passive or active, generating high quality leads is challenging. Many companies fail early in the lead generation cycle and subsequently have an inconsistent or sporadic sales cycle. Generally, the cause is the simple fact that companies lack the needed resources in-house. Due to budgetary or process constraints, lead generation and Market Intelligence is generally left up to the sales and/or marketing departments. Further, market intelligence is not prioritized or utilized as the first step to successful quality lead generation.

So how does Market Intelligence improve the quality of lead generation?

Market Intelligence provides:

• Industry insights. What are the macro market trends?
• Competitor insights. Who are they, what do they do and how is market share distributed?
• Customer insights. Who else are customers are buying from? Are they are happy? What their met and unmet needs?

With Market Intelligence, companies develop an understanding of existing, complementary and new high potential markets. This knowledge can be used to generate high quality targeted lead and prospect lists resulting in good sales conversion rates. An equally, if not more important benefit of Market Intelligence is the identification of “blue water” opportunities which can drive the product or service innovation needed to leapfrog the competition.

What’s a cost effective and labor efficient way to get Market Intelligent lead generation?

The overall prospecting-to-sales process involves administration, research, list building, appointment setting and actual sales calls. Without professional intelligence research resources, a sales person’s time is divided amongst many different tasks. Most people might end up following cycles and trends that may be unrelated or may neglect the actual work of prospecting in favor of closing deals. Both of these behaviors contributes to a stop and start sales cycle which can reduce sales revenue.

Successful companies understand that outsourcing the mundane but critical research processes to professional intelligence and research organizations allows their (limited) sales and marketing resources to focus on increasing deal closure ratios.

Direct Sourcing Solutions is a professional intelligence and research organization offering Market Intelligence and A-Z lead generation from list building to appointment setting.

When we conduct market intelligence that is needed to generate the best possible sales leads, we look into many things.

• We look at who the industry players are and identify their best customers.
• We examine how market share is currently distributed and whom else our clients’ customers are buying from.
• Are the customers happy? What are their satisfied and unmet needs?

Leapfrog your competition today! Contact us today to experience how outsourcing done beautifully is easy, efficient and cost effective.

Direct Sourcing Solutions. Putting the magic in your business…

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