Is your customer database holding out on you?

Is your customer database holding out on you?

Ever had the feeling that your customer database is holding out on you? That, with the addition of the right tools, it might just be a goldmine for your business?

The DSS team is familiar with that feeling; plenty of our customers have some version of it. The good news is that when they apply the right tool, in the form of our data science solution Customer Observer, they do in fact find that the data they’ve held all along can work so much harder for them.

Let me tell you about one of them.

This particular customer is an Auckland-based women’s fashion brand with stores in major New Zealand centres. When we were first introduced to this company, it was shifting much of its business online. It had 10 years of customer data but lacked the analytical tools to make the most of it. The management team was underwhelmed with the results its digital marketing programme was delivering, and knew there had to be a way to make it more productive. But what, exactly?

It was an ideal scenario for Customer Observer. We put it to work, first giving the customer’s database a deep clean and then examining it in the minute detail that only machine learning can offer. The result was a digital marketing plan based on a finely-grained understanding of the customer’s customers and, in particular, their purchase preferences.

The new marketing plan is less shotgun and more sniper. Where the business used to blast its entire customer list with an offer for, say, moss green skirts, it now tailors that offer to a very specific sub-set and, because we know this group is likely to also buy accessories, matches it with boots.

Six months in, the results are gratifying. Using the data alone, Customer Observer was able to profile the brand’s customers and reap insights typically only within reach of an industry expert. Then we combined those insights with targeted marketing to triple the brand’s conversion rate.

It’s fair to say that Customer Observer was the solution our customer didn’t know it needed. If you think it could unlock the hidden value in your customer database, let’s talk. Who knows what you might find?

Bryan Lockyer

Chief Outsourcerer

[email protected]

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