How to Increase Productivity through Process Mapping

process mapping in digital marketing

Process mapping has always been essential to every business, ranging from small- and medium-sized enterprises to multinational corporations. As described by Process Street, it gives a team the “ability to oversee all parts of a process– aids in identifying constraints, opportunities for improvement, and articulating approaches of implementing changes without disrupting day-to-day work”.

Direct Sourcing Solutions provides innovative solutions that produce direct results. To increase productivity and business performance, our Digital Marketing department uses the following features in our process mapping:

Single Point-of-Contact

Process mapping follows a certain workflow and it helps maintain order to have one person direct the progress and see to it that goals are met by the output produced. The DSS Marketing team has varying roles—one of which includes a Marketing Coordinator who does not only manage tasks and resources, but serves as the client-facing persona as well.

dss marketing process

Documented Process

Having a documented process makes it easy for work to progress smoothly. This process includes:

  • Consultation
  • Scheduling
  • Implementation
  • User-Acceptance Testing
  • Revision and Reporting
  • Sign-Off

Each step of the DSS Marketing process is interconnected and well-defined, making it manageable to go back to any phase should the need arise.

Work Scheduling

Another advantage of process mapping is it gets the work accurately scheduled. The DSS Marketing Coordinator acts as the project manager who manages expectations, requirements, and timelines through a delivery plan. The plan also includes the breakdown of requirements that need to be accomplished within a corresponding date and amount of time.

Resource Scheduling

Working on project timeframes also includes determining who is responsible for what. Because of this, our clients never have to worry whether who accomplishes the work or when will work be accomplished depending on the availability of resources. Once the plan is established, the hours of the resource will be blocked so that they can be dedicated solely to the project.

Quality Assurance

As we try to deliver the best solutions, it is our aim to provide quality output to the clients. A quality assurance checking process is conducted to ensure this.

Before being presented to the client for final approval, the completed project or task goes through the following:

  • A user-acceptance test commences to ensure quality and that all project requirements are met, which involves a series of checklists
  • Under a few circumstances wherein changes are needed, a revision stage follows before undergoing UAT again

Increase Your Productivity and Business Performance with DSS

It is our mission to provide the best Digital Marketing solutions there are in the market to address our clients’ business needs. The DSS Marketing team consists of professionals working hand-in-hand in creating and following a process that encourages productivity and boosts business performance.

Work with us and together, let’s innovate solutions to achieve direct results!

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