Using Big Events to Increase Awareness for your Brand

big events increase brand awareness

Over the years, businesses both small and big have seen the opportunity to increase brand awareness during events. The current World Cup 2018 is one very good example. The event which is held once every four years is watched by millions of people globally. Even countries without representative teams have been fascinated with the said occasion.

This seems to be an opportunity for huge and established brands to increase sales and attract millions. However, it is also a way for startups or local business sectors to easily attract an unconcerned market.

Most businesses overlook this fact. While your current clients or customers may look uninterested with such events, this is also a chance for you to test out new campaigns or put out new ideas to a lot of people. You can gain new insights and knowledge for future use and reference. Regardless of whether or not the results will be in your favor.

How They Do It

Online campaigns aimed at reaching our people who has not heard of your brand can be difficult. Incorporating promotions with supporting or even unrelated topics may seem absurd. However, you’ll soon find out that this can come naturally for businesses and help increase brand awareness.

Twitter’s simple but effective campaign allowed users to support their team. Users were encouraged to change their display images to the team they are supporting. By using the application, users also saw that that can get live updates on ongoing and upcoming games. This led to an increase in Twitter users during the event.  This also allowed them to explore features which they haven’t got a chance to test out before.

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Sport clothing companies such as Nike and Adidas had this part easy. However, they still had to compete with hundreds of other global brands to make sure that the hype around their brands don’t die. Food or drink companies like Coca-Cola also walks on a straight path thanks to the celebratory atmosphere of the event.

However, smaller and less-known companies or those with smaller communities or unrelated industries may find this difficult and may not even see this as an opportunity. This is where making use of your digital platforms comes in.

Another good example is Volvo’s campaign during the Superbowl back in 2015.  While Volvo is still considered to be a global brand, the company did not find the need to shell out millions. Unlike what other car companies did for an airtime shorter than a minute. Instead, the company held a contest for a chance to win its XC60 vehicle. Volvo asked the public to tweet #VolvoContest  every time a commercial of another car company. Millions spent by car companies was used by Volvo to their advantage. During the event, the hashtag #VolvoContest trended making it one of the most talked about brands. The end result? An increase of more than 70% in their sales a month after the event.

Aside from blogging, social media posts giving out small facts, online promotions, discounts, contests, and holding small events can make a significantly large difference in the way you create content for business purposes and starting small campaigns.

Customers coming in your site or social media page would want to see or read something that they could relate with.  Existing audience or customers can share or pass on such information. This  increase brand awareness and builds recognition.

This awareness would later come in handy when the need for your services or products arises. Content that would draw people in. If possible, would also entice them to leave their e-mail address for newsletter purposes allowing you to follow up on them and make sure that they retain brand recognition and awareness.

Why It Works

This concept can be divided into two. One is creating a diverse set of content for both current and future customers that can entertain as well as subtly giving them information about your business while ensuring that they are able to relate and make them want to know more. Another is offering them a giveaway or anything complimentary which will give them a small idea of what your company is about and even get to experience your products or services.

For other promotions other than high jacking content with the latest trends, incorporating latest events into your brand awareness campaigns can start a small buzz and can increase brand awareness.

This can be done without spending millions of dollars like big name brands such as Nike and Coca-Cola. By simply utilizing and seeing the big possibilities digital platforms can bring your brand, you can create unexpected strategies that can leverage your brand without wasting too much of your capital and placing such risks on your business.

Still need some help?

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