How DSS Puts the Quality into Quality Assurance Testing

How DSS Puts the Quality into Quality Assurance Testing

Quality assurance testing pushes the limits of software or a website to expose the flaws that you really don’t want to reach prime time. It’s a DSS service popular with customers who lack the resources in-house to do the job properly, and it’s something we’ve invested plenty of time in to get right.

DSS’ QA Testing Best Practices

Here’s how we put the quality into QA testing:

Build a Paper Trail

At DSS, QA tests are 50% testing and 50% documentation. Good documentation helps members new to a testing team learn about a project and provides a destination for tracking comments and recommendations.

Over time, it has developed into a reference library — a record of QA tests that serves the DSS team as an inspiration and foundation for future projects.

Manual or Automated …Why Not Both?

Many testers prefer manual testing for its ability to adapt on the fly to sudden developments. Others opt for automated testing, enjoying the convenience that comes with preset instructions.

For us, striking a balance between manual and automated tests allows us to enjoy flexibility and convenience throughout the testing programme.

Most of our QA testers manually test their work for bugs. They tend to get creative with “breaking” it, using any means they can think of.

After testing, they transition to automated tests. These tests use preset instructions and can catch bugs or issues missed by manual testing. They are especially useful because they allow testers to start the new app or website up and let it run its course, stopping only when issues are encountered.

Talk. A Lot.

QA testing may be a solo job at times, but we have learned that open communication between team members helps in many ways.

We encourage our QA testers to discuss their findings with their managers, developers, and the rest of the team. That helps settle questions around which changes to prioritise, which ones to set aside, and which ones to polish further. It can also help to incorporate and adapt to sudden changes in the team’s composition.

If your new app or website needs the kind of QA testing that comes only from an experienced and highly professional team, talk to DSS now.

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