DSS Welcomes Client Solutions Director, New Growth Opportunities

DSS Welcomes New Client Solutions Director

After seeing a steady growth rate over the past months, Direct Sourcing Solutions welcomes a new Client Solutions Director. With twenty years of experience in various leadership roles, Graeme Miller is now working with DSS in building a new business model. Among these plans include forming a Singapore Digital Team and exploring bigger markets and new opportunities.

Graeme is tasked primarily with securing new clients and offering new and innovative solutions to existing clients. Recently, he spoke to us about bringing life to our products and solutions for up-selling. This includes understanding the client’s business challenges and formulating solutions that will deliver value to their organisation.

Q: Can you elaborate on your role as our Client Solutions Director?

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The role of Client Solutions Director is a combination of securing new clients and up-selling to existing clients by bringing to life our products and solutions. I have a responsibility to manage and maintain the relationships with new and existing clients and will work continuously to identify opportunities to evolve our service offerings and realise value for our clients. I aim to ensure that DSS is at the forefront of the changing environment and ensure our clients (new and existing) have the right solutions and tools to grow their business at pace.

As a Client Solutions Director, Graeme will also be partnering with the rest of the DSS management in building a  new model. This business model will combine the flexibility of the gig-economy with the confidence and assurance of an employed corporate solution, helping the company adapt to a rapidly changing business world. These include factors such as:

  • Evolution of digital technologies
  • Social media growth
  • Expansion of mass consumerism to new and emerging markets

These present a wealth of opportunities for businesses who can respond quickly, and a significant threat to those who cannot.

Q: What are your plans when it comes to adding and improving the solutions we can provide to new and existing clients?

 I aim to broaden the services offered to become more multi-functional and work with clients to be more ruthless in standardisation and simplification of their processes and technology.

The client solutions director will lead a new team in our Singapore headquarters. The Digital Team is composed of Data Scientists, Image Scientists, and Scrum Masters. DSS expects this venture to open more opportunities for the company, being able to deliver solutions in more countries, regions and go global in the future.

Q: What does the future look like for DSS?

The future is very bright! We have been growing steadily as an organisation over the last 18 months. We are now around 200 employees with plans to grow significantly over the next 18 – 24 months. With growth comes challenge. However, it also brings enormous opportunity and I aim, along with the rest of the DSS management team, to ensure DSS is positioned correctly to realise this opportunity.

Despite the challenges, DSS is starting to tap into new opportunities with the biggest potential. One of these exciting prospects is Big Data and Analytics or turning unstructured data into valuable assets. These will provide businesses real-time actionable insights to help customers grow their business.

For the coming months, DSS will continue to grow and thrive under a fantastic culture. Along with excellent values at our core, we will realise our vision of being The Best Process Outsourcing Company in the World.

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