How a Business Partnership Helped Us Define Our Core Values

business partnerships with institute golf

It’s not unusual for businesses to enter into partnerships nowadays, as business partnerships provide additional support may be it be in terms of resources, goods, or services. More than that, it can open the business to a wider market reach– possibly a market which was not originally in the company’s target.

Successful business partnerships not only open more doors for a company to expand, but also enable them to uphold their core values and principles. Being able to identify what the customers or clients may need while being able to address the needs of its own workforce.

DSS Partners with Institute of Golf

Direct Sourcing Solutions Partnership with Institute of Golf
Institute of Golf offers training for various golf skill levels. They tailor different programs to individuals, from the casual beginner right through the elite athlete.

It has presence in various locations all over Asia and New Zealand including two in Auckland, and one each in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Institute of Golf believes in the ability of all individuals in learning the sport just like any other athlete. They also believe that famous and talented athletes are made and not born. Long hours and years of practice full of focus and determination are what matters. The company believes in measurable performance and predictive outcomes in achieving this goal. To do this, they apply industry’s best practices into their methods and system. This led Institute of Golf to cultivate the skills of professional golfers, such as Lydia Ko who is known for being the youngest player to rank number one in the sport.

At present, Ko has reportedly earned around $9.3 million her career not including sponsorship. She has been playing golf since the age of six and has spent at least eight long hours a day for practice. Today, the company continues to help individuals become professional golf players. In view of this, Institute of Golf also supports the development of young individuals through the sport and open up other amazing opportunities for them. This represents the objective of not just Institute of Golf, but also Direct Sourcing Solutions to see equal opportunities for everybody to achieve or succeed in their personal goals.

One Resounding Core Principle

DSS strongly believes in results that will thrive on a long-term basis, and we instill these values on our whole operational processes. With Institute of Golf, they help individuals discover their potential and allow them to be their best when it comes to playing the game. In our case, this allows us to continuously evolve our practices to provide better solutions.

DSS believes the only way to achieve lasting results is by effective goal setting. With Institute of Golf, they help individuals discover their potential and allow them to be their best when it comes to playing golf. At DSS, we set measurable goals to continuously evolve our practices to provide higher value to our clients.

This kind of attitude can affect various aspects of an individual’s life— from their jobs, businesses, goals, and aspirations.

DSS and the Institute of Golf both believe that best practices, along with hard work, drives success. This improves the ability of a company to go forward with results that last long term. At DSS, we are constantly seeking opportunities to exceed client expectations.

Partner with DSS

We want to work on removing the stigma that skills are inborn—the belief that we can only develop it to a certain extent. Here at DSS, we strive to go beyond standard partnerships and working relationships to redefine what drives our goals. This is what allows us to increase productivity without having to put a large amount of pressure on our people.

To find out more about how a partnership with DSS could help increase your productivity, contact DSS today.

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