Are you ready to outsource?

Are you ready to outsource?

The business case for outsourcing is generally well understood. It can help manage dynamic workflows, save opex and release staff to work on high-value tasks.

What isn’t always clear, however, is how you know when you’re ready to outsource.

It’s a conversation I’ve had with many customers. Typically, they know they could and probably should outsource certain functions, but they’re not certain the time is right. Here’s what I’ve learned from those conversations:

Is your business growing really fast? If your sales team is pulling in the deals and fulfilment is lagging, you’re a likely contender for outsourcing.

Do you have a sudden spike in urgent projects? If you’ve got, say, 10 projects in the queue and just don’t have the in-house capacity to deliver them on time, you are likewise a contender for outsourcing.

Are your people stressed? A degree of stress is normal for many jobs. But if there is too much work on in a condensed time frame and you’re starting to smell burnout in the air, that’s another sign that outsourcing should be in your future.

Are you spending more time in operations than in business development? This is a classic sign that outsourcing is in scope. If your team is absorbed in managing customer queries and a backlog of processing work, something has to give. Very often it is business development.

Is your opex budget under pressure? Infrastructure upgrades can often be the villain; they’re notorious for soaking up expensive in-house resources. They’re also an obvious candidate for outsourcing.

Above all, recognise the signs before the house is on fire. Leave it too late and there’s every chance your eventual transition to outsourcing will be done in panic mode. Start talking to us early on, by comparison, and you can usually count on getting exactly what you need, when you need it.

Leon Gunning

Chief Operating Officer

[email protected]

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