How agencies can benefit from outsourced recruitment support services

outsourced recruitment support services

In the increasingly competitive recruitment industry, the agency which delivers the fastest results dominates the market. Hence, larger recruitment agencies with greater resources gain a competitive advantage over small- to medium-sized firms.

However, there is an effective way on how these smaller recruitment agencies can keep up with the race. By outsourcing general recruitment duties, administrative tasks, data entry, and other non-core processes, recruitment agencies will be able to save time, reduce costs, and increase the productivity of their in-house team.

Through outsourced recruitment support services, these smaller firms will be able to deliver qualified candidates faster without sacrificing quality, as well as have more time to focus on core revenue-generating activities that drive business growth.

Here are the different ways a recruitment support staff can serve as a powerful asset for your company:

  • Assist with the sourcing of candidates – The modern recruitment industry is driven by metrics such as “speed to hire”. Therefore, to be able to fill the required positions quickly, it is important to exhaust all possible means of sourcing candidates. A recruitment support professional can help you speed up the process by using online job boards, social networking sites such as LinkedIn, and other technology-enabled services.
  • Help review or screen applicants – By employing a recruitment support staff, your in-house consultants will no longer need to perform the time-consuming task of applicant screening. Gone will be the days of reviewing tons of CVs, as your outsourced staff can conduct initial screening and interviews of candidates with qualifications that match the job requirements, as well as background and reference checking.
  • Provide candidate care and management – Candidate management is just as important as client care because it is a reflection of your company. However, because smaller recruitment agencies are too busy trying to achieve the demands of clients, they sometimes disregard this important aspect of the business. By hiring a remote recruitment support professional, you will have someone to send rejection and acknowledgement emails, remind candidates, and update them regarding the status of their application.
  • Maintain databases – In order for recruitment agencies to fully utilize existing databases, these need to be structured and formatted properly. Because cleaning databases is a tedious and time intensive task, your in-house team may not have the time to do this. By outsourcing recruitment support services, you’ll have someone to maintain your databases and allow you to extract value from them.
  • Provide additional support in administrative tasks – Recruitment support professionals can help agencies with the reformatting of CVs, preparation of documents and reports, as well as other data entry, management, and processing duties. With this, the in-house team will have more time to spend on more crucial business functions.


While outsourcing recruitment support services can be the best decision you’ll ever make that will give your business a boost, it is also important to take note that for this strategy to actually work, you need to find the right outsourcing company to partner with.

Direct Sourcing Solutions (DSS) is an outsourcing innovator that can provide reliable recruitment support services for small- to medium-sized recruitment agencies. What separates DSS from other companies is that we provide metrics-driven, technology-enabled, and customized solutions for each client. Furthermore, we fully manage our teams to ensure that they deliver the best possible outputs within the set timeline, as well as maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. To learn more about our offerings, reach out to us today.

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