Accounting For Success: The DSS Approach For Anything Finance

Accounting For Success The DSS Approach For Anything Finance

Success starts with good accounting practices. Neglecting your finances in favour of business expansion or talent cultivation can lead to unexpected problems. That’s where offshore accounting services can help.

Here’s an example.

Recounting Our Accounting Story

Six months ago, a Hongkong-based company approached us for help with its consultation and accounting business. It needed support for monthly bookkeeping duties for two accounts. These monthly tasks had become a burden for the in-house team and the work was piling up.

We proposed a solution: a DSS remote team of Xero-trained accountants with bookkeeping experience. The client accepted and the team got stuck in straight away.

First, we cross-checked the client’s monthly finances, including cash and credit sales, daily sales reports, and expenses.

Second, we suggested a change to the process. The team noticed that the petty cash fund was reported within the total variant, a report that lacked crucial details. To help in bookkeeping, our team started breaking down cash reports to show over-expenses, under-expenses and overreported remittances.

Third, the team powered through the work. It consistently met the client’s deadlines and steadily reduced the backlog of work.

A few months later, the client reported that the DSS team had gotten on top of the pile of much-delayed work and that the client’s own finance team was now free to focus on other tasks. We think that’s a win. We’re still working with this client and the original two accounts have now grown to six.

Go Offshore For Your Accounting

This story is just one of many successes we’ve encountered here at DSS Asia. It’s a great reminder of what we can accomplish alongside our clients.

If you’re looking to reduce the burden on your own people, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us and let’s start working together.

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