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International Golf Training Institute​ - Training And Career Planning Application


A golfing institute commissioned DSS to digitise its manual training programme in the form of a pilot mobile and web app. The entire project, from requirements derivation to delivering the app, was completed within two months.


New Zealand


Professional Sports Training

Services Provided:

Project management, cloud services, software design, development, and testing

Tech Stack:

ASP.Net MVC, C#, & MS SQL Database

Based in Auckland, this international institute grooms the golf professionals of the future. It wanted to turn its manual training programme and disparate data sources into a single platform with a supporting application that helps the young golfer to plan and track their progress.

DSS was commissioned to build a pilot application and backend web platform. The pilot was intended to validate the use case: a mobile and web application that would not only provide training plans and help students and parents to track golfing lessons, upload practice videos, track improvements and channel feedback, but also offer an eligibility wizard that would help students apply to universities around the world.

We managed the project from start to finish, gathering requirements from all stakeholders, building prototypes with Microsoft development tools, and delivering the final product.

Timeliness was critical in this project. DSS completed it within two months, delivering the pilot application from requirements stage through to building, testing and delivering the prototype. The pilot platform was well received by students, parents and golf instructors, and is now being used to raise funds to move the app into full production.

It wanted to turn its manual training programme into a single platform that helps the young golfer to plan and track their progress.

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