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The Philippines operations of a global beverage brand wanted to give retailers visibility of their orders from end to end. DSS developed the company’s existing order management system and, using our broad range of project management, development and testing skills, delivered a GPS-enabled mobile app that lets retailers track orders from the warehouse through to delivery.





Services Provided:

Project management, software development and testing

Tech Stack:

OutSystems, .Net, & MS SQL Database

The customer’s order management system worked well up to a point but it lacked the functionality to show retailers the status of their orders in real time. That led to increasing requests for order status updates; resolving them was a time-consuming manual process. The solution: an enhancement of the existing system.

DSS provided a one-stop answer, designing and planning the system enhancement, developing requirements and use cases, building the software in an OutSystems environment, and then testing and deploying the new functionality.

The enhancement works much like the systems used by international courier companies. It lets the customer’s distributors and retail open the order ID via a mobile app and see where their order status is in real-time.

After several rounds of testing, the new app is up and running. It has boosted the level of service the customer offers its distributors and retailers, and eliminated much of the manual work in providing ad hoc order status updates.

DSS continues to enhance and support the enhanced system.

It has boosted the level of service the customer offers its distributors and retailers.

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