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Our client is a full-service agency providing content-driven strategies and brand storytelling for global brands which include marketing, PR, events social media, SEO, multimedia production and programmatic advertising services.




PR & Marketing

Services Provided:

Marketing, Public Relations, SEO, Social Media, Customer Experience Design, Content, Events, Digital

Being an Integrated Content Marketing agency catering to global brands in the digital age, our client needed someone adept in the Digital Marketing landscape. Someone who can draw digital insights to be used in crafting marketing strategies, strategies paid campaigns in various online platforms, and overall understands Digital Marketing concepts.

With the challenge of balancing client requirements in their sales pipeline, they needed on-demand services, at an affordable price that can be retained whilst sales were not closed. Onshore costs were much less attractive and was an area seen to be an option to test outsourcing with.

As a full-service agency, they acquired the help of Direct Sourcing Solutions to expand their SEO services for internal and external stakeholders. DSS primarily provides the client with a Digital Marketing Specialist (DMS).

The role is responsible for auditing websites and social media profiles. They also recommend strategic actions that brands should take to improve conversion results. The DMS also strategizes and manages search engine.

Since working with the client, our DMS was able to optimise multiple websites for their global clients which helped increase their site’s organic search traffic. Our resource was also able to assist in promoting a podcast through optimisation which later, received an award for Content Marketing Excellence.

The resource helped the client to become a recognised specialist in the Digital Marketing department with measurable and positive campaign results. By having a Digital Marketing Specialist under their team, the client was able to scale their business, expand their portfolio and solidify their current offerings with the help of DSS. Moving forward, the client is currently looking to have a pro-active approach to how the PR agency improves its data analytics with the help of our Digital Marketing Specialist.

The client was able to scale their business, expand their portfolio and solidify their current offerings with the help of DSS

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