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The client is a supplier of structural insulated building panels based in Cromwell in the South Island of New Zealand.


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Virtual Assistance, Accounting and Finance, Digital Design

Faced with growing customer demand in 2017, the company knew it needed to add to its small accounting and finance team. The challenge was recruitment: candidates with experience in timesheets, payroll, customer relations and other administrative tasks weren’t easy to hire in Cromwell, which is far from major commercial centres. Relocating a candidate from outside would have been expensive and disruptive.

DSS’ Virtual Assistance solution cost-effectively solved the problem by providing a Certified Accounting Technician who remotely assists with payroll, timesheets, data entry, monthly processes, invoicing, and the creation of batch payments.

The technician is dedicated to the client and often supports day-to-day functions outside his core accounting and bookkeeping roles.

In addition, DSS has helped the client with designing technical manuals and other collateral.

The technician is an extension of the client’s back office team. He is 100 percent allocated to the client’s account and has developed both a deep understanding of the client’s processes and productive relationships with its New Zealand-based staff. He also ensures constant availability by aligning his vacation days with the New Zealand public holiday calendar. In addition, DSS’ Virtual Assistance solution provides backup should the technician be unavailable due to illness or any other reason.

Flexibility is a further benefit of the outsourced Virtual Assistance solution. In 2019, the client restructured and, under the terms of its contract with DSS, suspended its contract with 30 days notice. Six months later, with business conditions improving, the client resumed the contract and retained the same technician, ensuring a seamless resumption of service.

The client is now in its third year with DSS, having renewed its contract twice.

Flexibility is a further benefit of the outsourced Virtual Assistance solution.

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