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Academic Research App​ - Streamlined Development At Lower Cost​


The owners of a fast-growing academic research app put it on a professional development footing by outsourcing to DSS. The project, currently underway, involves end-to-end development and marketing support. The benefits: a single point of control for the future of the app, and cost savings.


Hong Kong


Academic Research Tools

Services Provided:

Software development, cloud services, software testing, project management, product development, and digital marketing

Tech Stack:

JS/TS, Angular, Node, Firebase Database

A Hong Kong-based company promotes a web tool used by students and academics to enhance research projects. The tool, which functions as a browser plug-in, has been adopted by more then 200,000 users worldwide.

The company has an ambitious product roadmap but found that outsourcing to a variety of different contractors led to development stagnation and unnecessary overheads. It looked for a single development partner that would serve as a one-stop shop for all stages of the development lifecycle and do it cost efficiently.

DSS has taken over the development of the platform. In addition to software development, we provide quality assurance, project management and marketing support.

The current roadmap includes an improved Chrome extension and web application. The next major project release involves a redesigned UI/UX, restructured WordPress website, and a mobile application running on both IOS and Android platforms. A business development playbook is also planned.

This project is now underway. DSS has allocated a team specifically to the development of the app and it is making progress towards the client’s aspiration, a “word-class ed-tech tool’.

Outsourcing to a variety of different contractors led to development stagnation and unnecessary overheads.

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