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A2 NZ Web Design and Development - A Powerful New Brand Presence For A Growing Immigration Business


When Vanita Hurbuns decided in 2019 to expand her New Zealand immigration business to include business consultancy and an Australian immigration service, she knew it was time to rebrand. There was a long-standing mismatch between her company’s name, A2 NZ, and her domain name and logo. To remedy the confusion this engendered and to reflect the broader scope of the business, she opted for a new website, domain name and logo. Hurbuns selected DSS for all phases of the project. She now has a highly professional online presence that articulates her brand story, generates a steady stream of leads and can scale up as her company grows.


Auckland, New Zealand


Legal Services, Business Consultancy

Services Provided:

Software Development, Digital Design, Digital Marketing

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Auckland-based Hurbuns, who had started the company four years earlier, had created her original website in WordPress but needed a new version with much more punch. The new website should work equally well on desktop or mobile, and should be able to be easily updated by Vanita without having to involve a designer each time. Hurbuns had attempted twice before to have her logo redesigned locally, both times with disappointing results. She needed a compelling graphic that explained without confusion exactly what A2 NZ offered.

A DSS manager took a brief in person and worked with Hurbuns to develop her brand story. From there, the DSS remote team of graphic artists and web developers managed the project end-to-end, building a focused and highly professional website that worked across all device types and made lead generation straightforward. The DSS Team also provided an online chat system for further lead generation, set-up site optimisation and created a monthly reporting system to track visits.

A further advantage of the new site is the ability to post blogs which are linked to the company’s social media pages  to generate further web traffic.

DSS also transitioned the site to Hurbuns’ new domain and migrated her business email accounts along with it, and designed a new A2 NZ logo that had energy and clearly explained just what the company does.

Hurbun’s immigration clients are nearly always offshore so she was comfortable from day one with working with the DSS remote team. She says the team was consistently responsive, the entire project was completed on time and “there were no nasty surprises along the way.”

The new logo “was spot on, no issues at. I gave them the brief and they came up with something that was really good”. In addition, DSS provided an accompanying brand guide that supported Hurbuns’ application for company registration and will ensure consistent application of the logo.

The project ran to budget, and Hurbuns says she doesn’t expect it could have been done locally to the same standard for the same price.

The next step: Vanita is starting a new Continuing Professional Development business and has commissioned DSS to create its logo and brand slogan.

The new logo “was spot on, no issues at. I gave them the brief and they came up with something that was really good”.

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