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Case Studies

Mana Services – A Broad IT Migration and Website Refresh, On Time and Without Drama

Mana Services brought in DSS to maximise the performance of its IT services and cut costs by migrating to a new productivity suite and a host of other applications.
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Scottie B – Website Revamp And SEO Development

Seeking professional website expertise, renowned international Dubai-based DJ Scottie B turned to DSS Asia. And DSS in response provided a detailed overhaul of the website.
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Coworking Innovator – Platform Audit and Enhancements

For digital businesses like this coworking innovator, everything relies on a web platform that can be trusted to perform. With an investment round and further growth in prospect, DSS was commissioned to review its technology stack in detail and then to enhance it. The result was a series of improvements that has set the platform up for the future, all completed on time and with what the client describes as exceptional value for money.
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Global Beverages Brand – Project Management, Software Development and Testing

The client’s order management system worked well up to a point but it lacked the functionality to show retailers the status of their orders in real time. DSS developed a GPS-enabled mobile app that lets retailers track orders from the warehouse through to delivery.
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International Golf Training Institute – Project Management, Cloud Services, Software Design, Development, and Testing

The client wanted to digitise its manual training programme and disparate data sources using a single platform. DSS managed the project from start to finish, gathering requirements from all stakeholders, building prototypes with Microsoft development tools, and delivering the final product.
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Academic Research App – Software Development, Cloud Services, Software Testing, Project Management, Product Development, and Digital Marketing

A Hong Kong-based company promotes a web tool used by students and academics to enhance research projects. DSS has taken over the development of the platform and improved the Chrome extension and web application.
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