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Remote Solutions for Your Business

We’re passionate about providing remote solutions tailored specifically to your business needs. By handling your non-core, time-consuming, and complex tasks, we help you maximise the growth of your business.
Widely known for our technology services we also provide augmented resources in admin, accounting, digital marketing and more. We take pride in our interdisciplinary approach in crafting beautiful, functional, and engaging solutions that delight and deliver results. We’ve been privileged to work and grow with a diverse range of clients in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.
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About DSS



Metrics-driven Performance

If we can't track and measure, then we can't tell you how well we are doing and this is key to showing you value.


Outsourcing is not just about throwing bodies at a problem. Effective technologies are the key to ensuring success.

Client Chameleons

When we work with clients, we make sure we emulate every part of the integration that you already have with your customers to ensure compatibility.

Focused on Results

We care about the results of our work as much as we care about getting paid for them.


We want to build a small number of special clients we can grow with over time.

Quality Work

We make sure we get it right.


We suggest what’s right for our clients, not the things that will make us the most money.


We always treat our clients with respect and integrity.

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Here to Help

Whether you develop software products or utilise technology and personnel to implement business solutions for your enterprise, DSS can help advance and expedite your business outcomes.

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