May 2017

In the increasingly competitive recruitment industry, the agency which delivers the fastest results dominates the market. Hence, larger recruitment agencies with greater resources gain a competitive advantage over small- to medium-sized firms.However, there is an effective way on how these smaller recruitment agencies can keep up with the race. By outsourcing general recruitment duties, administrative tasks, data entry, and other non-core processes, recruitment agencies will be able to save time, reduce costs, and increase the productivity of their in-house team.

Perish the thought…but what would happen if I left the office tonight and never came back?The answer (I hope) would be nothing.Of course I’d like to think there’d be a lot of wailing and wringing of hands by distraught colleagues, but on a professional level absolutely nothing would change.Why? Because, like my colleagues, I follow a business process management (BPM) model – which, I know, sounds really, really dull but, believe me, ensures things happen exactly as they should.