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  • If you’ve ever wondered what process mapping is, and whether you need it, let me help. It’s an essential part of DSS’ project management toolkit and something my eight years of experience as a project manager have taught me to rely on.   At its simplest, a process map is a workflow diagram...

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  • Software development is complex. When you add to that complexity the ubiquity of human error, it’s no surprise that development teams run into challenges with software testing.  At DSS, we figure the best software testing problems are the ones you don’t experience at all. Accordingly, we follo

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  • How do you become a data scientist? Let’s take a look at whether you’ve got what it takes.  Data is everywhere. Whenever you post on social media, watch a video, add something to your online shopping cart, or even text someone, you generate data. Data scientists take that data, along with hundreds o

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